Divanidea Kasko Policy

1) The Terms of Divanidea Kasko Warranty

Enjoy your purchase for the following 5 years, you don’t have to worry about anything! This Assistance Service is not a statutory warranty extension, but a different and independent service. Uniters is the exclusive obligor and chargeable, which gives you the right to receive support in case of accidental damages and/or stains on your sofa, armchair, sofa bed and chaise longue, for a period of 5 years after the purchase. The warranty covers damages on microfiber, fabric and leather products, caused by: food/beverages, corporal fluids, animals, cosmetic products, nail polishes, glue and super glue, wax and beeswax, ink, varnish, acids, bleach, corrosive fluids, dye transfer from clothes. What’s more, the Kasko covers scratches, cuts and holes, even when they are caused by pets (only one time during the entire term of the Assistance Contract). The contract will be valid only when damages and/or stains are not caused by intentional acts and/or when they are not correlated with flaws and/or defects and/or non-compliance and/or before-sales imperfections of the product.

2) The benefits of our Assistance Service:

during the validity of the contract, when its terms are carefully observed, this Assistance Service gives you the right to receive a free and efficient support, in case the original cover of your padded product is been accidentally ruined or stained. In such situations, you can count on our Uniters specialists’ support: ask for assistance following the request procedures of the section “Request for Assistance” and all the help you need, in order to remove eventual stains, will be granted. In case you can’t solve the problem on your own, Uniters will send a specific and professional cleaning solution.

In case the issue persists, or if the complaint relates to another kind of damage (cf. section 1), Uniters will provide for booking yourself into a door-to-door appointment with a specialist or will organize an authorized and professional cleaning service at your home. If the technician believes that the cleaning or repairing (when there are some damages) process is not enough, Uniters will evaluate the possible solutions and the eventual availability of the required type of replacement cover. You will have the possibility to choose between one of the following solutions: partial substitution of the cover, entire substitution of the cover, product substitution, forms of compensation. In case you choose the substitution of the cover, you may find some colour and grain variations between the replacement material and the original one: such inconveniencies are often unavoidable, so they won’t be considered as justified causes of complaint. If you choose the substitution of covers or artefacts, delivery costs will be at your own expense, while the old product or fabric will become the property of Uniters. At the moment of the substitution of covers or entire products, the respective Assistance Service will be expired.

Uniters Assistance will be granted within the limits of the first payment, namely the purchase price you can find in the specific section of the contract (in case of claim, that is the amount specified in the sales invoice/receipt of the product). Whenever the cleaning or repairing costs, incurred by Uniters, exceed the total amount of aid, the company will soon notify the issue and guide you through two different solutions: you will have the possibility to terminate the service or the opportunity to complete all treatments on prior payment of the corresponding outstanding sum.

3) The conditions for the validity of the Assistance Service

This service is not a cleaning contract, thereby it does not release the costumer to comply with the ordinary maintenance of the product. The object covered by the Assistance Service must be dusted (even with a proper vacuum cleaner) and cleaned every 6 months at least, using the appropriate kit, supplied at the moment of the purchase or by Uniters. What’s more, the costumer should avoid long sun/heat exposure of the sofa, armchair, bed or sofa bed. Stains and dirt caused by the everyday use, the body transpiration or the corporal sebum are not covered by this service, in fact they can be removed thanks to a regular cleaning and maintenance process. In particular, stains must be treated exclusively with the cleaning kit products or with specific substances shipped and/or recommended by Uniters lately. We suggest to scrupulously follow the instructions about the correct use of the product: should you need any further information, please contact the customer service. In case of disregard for the above-mentioned rules, the Assistance Service will not cover eventual damages or stains. In order to ensure the best and quickest service, the collaboration between you and Uniters will be fundamental. For any kind of doubt, you can ask for the help of a specialist, who will be glad to face with you every possible issue.