Sofas tailor made


All Divanidea sofas con be tailor-made and customized in order to meet every single need of each client. They have entirely removable fabric coverings or partially removable leather coverings, for cushions and backrests.


All sofas can be declined into different conformations, both fixed or sectional. Long sofas, modular models and L-shaped elements, designed in order to solve every space issue.


Every model designed by the company can be covered in leather or fabric. The exclusive possibility to personalize every detail of the sofa, from the seams to the supporting feet, ensure the exclusive value of each product.

Exactly as you want it! The tailor-made sofa will be realized following the peculiar requirements and needs of the single client, with the maximum care and attention, not only in terms of dimensions, but also of optional elements, details and coverings.
Is your small living room difficult to be furnished? The issue will be easily faced thanks to a personalized sofa, tailor-made with regard to reduced dimensions, quite shallow seats and narrow armrests, which will let you complete the space with other furnishing elements while ensuring the needed comfort and aesthetic value.
Do you want to furnish a wide living room with a huge corner sofa, L-shaped elements, poufs and armchairs compositions? Tailor-made sofas will be designed and equipped on the basis of the peculiar requirements of the single client, even when they relate to colours, sartorial details, textured effects and esthetical preferences.

The Divanidea collection of sofas is 100% customizable: define your modularity, dimensions and coverings! The Divanidea production of tailor-made sofas counts on other advantageous aspects, such as: latest generation machinery, highly-qualified labour with craftsmanship skills and use of exclusive raw materials, both with regard to structures and finishes.
But that is not enough: in order to meet the personal needs of more and more clients, Divanidea created a special “Mutual Planning and Designing Laboratory”, namely a unique service thanks to which professionals in the field, architects and interior designers can study the realization of entirely tailor-made projects, while counting on the landmark experience of the brand. In particular, while analysing the Divanidea collection of tailor-made sofas, we can find lots of eclectic products, which belong to different styles and go from more functional modern models to classic sculptural sofas, way more elegant and sophisticated.

One of the models with a bolder and more unconventional mood, is, without any doubt, the sofa without armrests Moss, which looks like a comfortable freestanding island of pure relaxation, with two bifacial seats. Creative without limits, this tailor-made sofa by Divanidea can be freely placed everywhere within the room, while choosing the particular position of the backrests, the presence of cushions, the size and composition of seats: it will be the ideal furnishing solution not only for your home, but also for different indoor contexts, such as contracts, offices or public spaces.