100% Made in Italy sofas furnish your home

The sofa is the main piece of furniture within the entire living room, for this reason it has to be chosen with particular attention to a long list of factors, which will define its dimensions, shapes and style. The first piece of advice, if you don’t want to make a mistake, is to focus the attention on your own needs and lifestyle. In fact, sofas are synonymous of intimate relax, conviviality and welcoming: they can be islands of pure comfort or socialization areas. Placed in front of a tv, or maybe in a cosy corner of the room, they must count on the following essential features: comfortability, beauty and functionality. Divanidea, with its rich collection of sofas, all different with regard to style, shape and option accessories, provides a harmonious mix of elegance, comfort and quality. The long craft tradition, the constant technological and aesthetic research, the careful selection of raw materials are all factors that gave life to a wide range of glamourous and contemporary solutions, sofas and loveseats which can maintain their charm and value unaltered over time.

If you desire an Italian padded piece of furniture, with a timeless charm, rigorous style and comfortability, the ideal choice will be a modern sofa in leather of fabric, maybe completed with a relax mechanism of movement; in some models, such as Soho and Dexter, the impeccable aesthetic value of essential lines meets all the comfortability of a versatile convertible soul, which ensure the possibility to change and regulate every part of the structure with trademarked and safe mechanisms of movement for the seats, backrests and footrests. For the client who wants to satisfy the need for conviviality and sees the living room as a informal and colourful socialization space, the models Toys, Moss and Morbidone will be the perfect solutions. Toys, for example, is a wide, sectional sofa without armrests, which can grab the attention of who loves a young and contemporary style, thanks to its peculiar radical chic look and its lively and vibrant features. Moss has got a mattress aspect, with non-slip freestanding cushions, while Morbidone count on a timeless charm. During the purchase of your own sofa, it is necessary to analyse some objective factors, such as the quantity of empty space, the configuration of the room in which it’ll be placed, the position of other furnishing elements, the proportions and the measures of the product you fell in love with. If there’s not a solution able to solve your peculiar issues of space and style, you can always ask for the designing of a tailor-made sofa, which will perfectly complete your living room without any kind of renounce. What’s more, it is important to choose the covering material on the basis of the family needs and chromatic preferences. Fabric sofas are particularly versatile, in fact their coverings are completely removable, while leather sofas, even if they count on an unmatchable elegance, can be ruined by the presence of children, cats and dogs. All our sofas come with a 10-years warranty for internal structures.