Sofas long sofas

Long sofas, also called “fixed sofas”, are a real passepartout for the furniture of the living room.
Surely, the most popular long sofa is the tree-seater, which is a compact and functional “family-friendly” solution, ideal in order to furnish open-spaces, small living rooms or wider rooms, where there are already coffee tables, poufs, footrests or a combined two-seater. This latter is a versatile small sofa, which can perfectly complete a lounge but also different domestic contexts. In fact, it can create a trendy waiting area near the entrance or a comfortable relax zone within the bedroom.

The properly modern long sofas have deep seats, quite low backrests, reduced volumes and textured coverings in the most elegant and natural chromatic shades.
Classic fixed sofas, instead, have most generous volumes, soft and sinuous lines, refined pillows, rounded armrests and sumptuous covering fabrics. Both typologies can be found within Divanidea catalogue of long sofas: a colourful collection of new padded and upholstered furniture, where you will find modern sofas, minimal models or evergreen icons.

Do you need an example? Kline: the modern sofa with armrests extremely comfortable, completed with inclinable backrests and footrests, activated by safe relax mechanisms.

On the other hand, between the classic models, it is a duty to mention Positano, the elegant and luxurious long sofa which can meet also modern tastes, thanks to the innovative bed version.
Despite those furnishing solutions, substantially modern or traditional, within the Divanidea collection of fixed sofas can be found also eclectic and creative models, with a bold and unedited look, such as Gogo: the peculiar foldable backrests of this sofa will change the entire conformation and shape of the piece of furniture.
What’s more, you will find models with high or low supporting feet, wide or narrow armrests, customizable with regard to fabrics and leathers, but always comfortable and soft. This is made possible by the main mission of the company: meet the needs of every single client, both with regard to relax, style and comfort, with precious and unique designer sofas.