Sofas in fabric

In the Divanidea sample collection of coverings, there are exclusive and precious fabrics, all created in collaboration with the main Italian textile firms, with great attention to the quality of fibres and the safety of dye colours. Shades, textures, patterns and coordinated elements are all in line with the new trends pointed out by stylists and artisans, from the traditional cotton to the precious velvet.

All our sofas are available with the following typologies of fabric covering

In our stores, you will find a wide selection of different types of fibres, colours and patterns, in order to perfectly create the sofa, armchair, bed or furnishing complement of your dreams. What’s more, you will have the possibility to coordinate each element in a great assortment of shades.
A fabric for every need, a colour and a pattern in line with every style and aesthetic taste. Our collection is been thought in order to satisfy always more exigent and eclectic clients, with “young” or classic fabrics, elegant or minimal shapes, chic or casual styles.

Natural cotton, soft viscous, elegant velvet and flax, all available in plain colours or combined shades and patterns. Finally, there is the possibility to choose microfibre or eco-leather coverings, trendy and exclusive.

Flowers, stripes, modern patterns, damask decorations: these are the variants of our patented fabrics, created following the new nanotechnological techniques. In particular, they are appreciated for their easier washability with water or in the washing machine and for their stain-resistant and anti-mite features.

Another exclusive collection is the fireproof one. We always suggest to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions highlighted on the fabric label. Even if the product is washable with water, a first dry cleaning will be ideal, in order to stabilize fibres and dyes and maintain the fabric invariable over time.

Microfibre is recommended for people who have children or own pets
Excellent with regard to quality and beautifully coloured, the collection of microfibre fabrics introduces a timeless furnishing solution in every kind of context.

First of all, you have to express your style and needs, but then, you should follow our advice while choosing the ideal kind of fabric. Within Divanidea stores you will find the best cleaning kits for fabric and microfibre, but also the SOS kit in case you need a specific and quick remedy for accidental damages and stains. There is the possibility to require a 5-years Kasko-warranty for fabric sofas too, in order to benefit from a complete and professional door-to-door assistance in case of unintentional injuries, which covers the entire economical value of the involved product.