Loveseats and armchairs

100% Made in Italy Armchairs in precious leather and fabric


Often, loveseats and armchairs are considered only as supporting actresses within the living room stage, in fact, in most cases, they are flanked by great sofas just to complete the furniture setting. These single sittings, when chosen with attention to quality and details, can personalize with style and aesthetic value the living room, thanks to their design, shape and coverings. In fact, if they are placed all around a big sofa, maybe with contrasting colours or materials, they will surely stand out and customize the whole room. On the other hand, if they are placed in a cosy corner, maybe near a bookcase or a free-standing luminaire, they will create the perfect atmosphere for you to relax and read. What’s more, they can be combined with poufs.

You will find a rich and wide selection of loveseats and armchairs, all different in style and design thanks to their great versatility and functionality. Nowadays, they are the main characters of every kind of living room. Divanidea enriched its catalogue of padded furniture with a new collection of modern loveseats, beautiful and innovative, but also extremely comfortable. In fact, you better remember that the ergonomics, the comfort, the right support of the padding and the quality of materials will surely highlight the difference between one product an another. All these elements give you the possibility to count on a durable product, with an impeccable timeless design. Mika e Gipsy are two modern models and, notwithstanding the fact that they are so aesthetically different, they are both perfect for a rigorous and minimal ambience or an elegant classic living room. Within the catalogue, you will also find “easy” casual models, such as the padded poufs from the King collection. Lola, namely a loveseat without armrests, has got a young and nonconventional design too: a combined pouf for your feet, padded with polystyrene pellets, will be available for this model. Apart from the wide range of styles and conformations, defined by the shape of the models and their materials, the brand also focuses on the tailoring aspects: each solution shows elegant and precious texture and sewing, carefully handcrafted.