Divanidea Stores and Retailers

The way we work

The company strongly believes in fundamental values, such as competence and professionality, with the certainty that the profitability depends especially on the level of quality of the product. Divanidea was born about 15 years ago and then became a notorious chain of franchise stores both in Italy and abroad; soon, the trademark succeeded in increasing its market share, counting on a dynamic and exclusive development programme. Competitive positioning, clear communication, flexible business marginality and assistance from the designing of the store to the staff training: these are all the undeniable advantages we give to entrepreneurs who want to share values and challenges with the company, either in Italy or abroad. The entire collection of sofas, armchairs, beds, sofa beds and furnishing complements is organized on the basis of different styles and aesthetic tastes, annually refreshed with innovative models and plans; the company target is medium-high, embracing clients from 25 to 60 years old.

Concretely, opening a Divanidea franchising store means:
1) Counting on a careful analysis of the particular catching area of each store.
2) Taking advantage of the greatest business marginality, in comparison to all the other franchising chains.
3) Providing high-quality products and services.
4) Finding less constrains and more advatages towards competitors.
5) Being guided by the company assistance during the designing of the store, with a specific layout.
6) Being supported during the selection and training of the staff.
7) Always having the possibility to ensure a customized furnishing consultancy.
8) Having the opportunity to grant the best financing tools.
9) Benefitting from a constant and national advertising plan.
10) Managing all the annual promotional initiatives with the support of professional and tailor-made advertising material for the store.

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Store Divanidea Udine

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Store Divanidea Bergamo

What we require

1) Entrepreneurs who want to invest in a renowned and reliable Italian company, which believes in strong values and where the business risk is limited and shared.
2) Stores situated in medium or big cities, near heavily-trafficked streets or wide pedestrian zones, with a catching area starting from a basis of 30000 citizens.
3) At least 350 square meters of showroom surface, situated on the ground floor, with showcases and a parking area.
4) Two highly-qualified employees.
5) A bank financial guarantee, both at the moment of the first supply of goods and of the furniture/equipment purchase.

What we offer

1) The opportunity to join a successful and reliable franchising formula, in which the profit is granted by limited business risks.
2) The authorization for the use of the registered trademark "Divanidea", during the whole term of the contract.
3) Territorial exclusivity.
4) Global consultancy and marketing investigation.
5) Business, finanical and investment plans.
6) Senior debt facility and deffered payments.
7) High level Know-How and store management competence.
8) Designing and setting-up of the showroom.
9) Staff training.
10) Total assistance for every kind of issue.
11) National advertising plans, through all media.
12) Constant interest in the innovation and development of the product.