Our products are exclusively produced in Italy, 100% Made in Italy.
The warranty offered by the company for the structures of each product, lasts 10 years. The structure, namely the internal wooden or metallic frame of goods, does not include paddings and mechanisms.

The guarantee does not cover:
A) the misuse of the product;
B) damages caused by wrong product installation, assembly or displacement, carried out by unauthorized personnel.

Covers and mechanisms benefit from a 2-years warranty, in line with the current regulations.

The warranty does not cover injuries caused by:
A) excessive heat or humidity exposure;
B) misuse of the product;
C) damages caused by wrong product installation, assembly or displacement, carried out by unauthorized personnel;
D) deterioration, not correlated with the intrinsic qualities of the product, caused by: use of not suitable maintenance tools, excessive sun exposure or improper washing treatments.

Our Kasko policy provides:
a 5-years warranty extension, against every type of damage.


The leathers we use may have some natural signs impressed on their surfaces (such as folds, small scars, texture or colour variations), which have to be considered as features of authenticity and value, instead of imperfections. The same origin of the leather, namely a precious and unique material, assumes the presence of natural aesthetic blemishes and qualities. Therefore, it is fundamental to follow the detailed instructions about maintenance and cleaning we suggest in this certificate, in order to benefit from the warranty. Find out more about our leather sofas!

Actually, the 2-years guarantee does not cover damages caused by:
A) use of corrosive or abrasive products, such as solvents, stain removers, paint, varnish, ink or body fluids;
B) misuse of the product (presence of cuts, burns or animals' scratches and dirt);
C) vapour treatments;
D) use of shoe care products;
E) excessive sun exposure, which leads to unintentional chromatic changes;
F) direct heat exposure.

The company guarantees the quality of all fabrics, but they have to be treated and cleaned following the strict suggestions the authorized Divanidea retailer will give you. The 2-years fabric warranty will not cover damages caused by wrong cleaning processes and treatments. This certificate gives you the possibility to change or repair your ruined cover or defective component, whenever it will be recognised as such by Divanidea. The warranty becomes effective when the client shows the Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee, received during the purchase, at the moment of the complaint.


The purely natural origin of the leather, namely a precious and exclusive material, assumes the presence of peculiar qualities and blemishes. For those reasons, following the suggestions contained in this certificate becomes fundamental. Leathers are particulary sensitive to the light/heat (but also vapour) direct exposure. Certainly, their surfaces can show some natural signs, such as folds, little scars, scratches or colour and grain variations, which are the evidence of the authenticity and value of the product.

In order to remove stains, in general, take note of the following advice:
1) soak up the fluid with a clean white cloth, immediately and without pressing;
2) if the stain remains, blot with a white cloth soaked in distilled water and neutral soap (not detergent);
3) rinse the soap with another white clean cloth, soaked in pure distilled water; then, rub softly the surface with a dry, smooth, white cloth;
4) ultimately, let leather to air dry.


We always suggest to regularly clean fabrics with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner (only if you have got the proper tool). In order to remove wet stains, clean with a sponge or an absorbent towel, without rubbing (if the stain is dry, better ask for the help of a specialist). Last but not least, fabrics do not tolerate an excessive exposure to direct light sources or UV rays.