Divanidea Corner

The company

Divanidea is easily recognizable with regard to its fundamental values, which can tell the story of a 100% Italian company. A firm that has worked with passion and care for almost 50 years, in order to reach the highest levels of competence and quality.

The Corner project by Divanidea is aimed at the collaboration with furniture stores that want to stand out, adding a special area dedicated to sofas and padded goods within their showrooms.
This is a unique and exclusive commercial project, which gives to single store managers the possibility to join the company experience in the field, becoming even more competitive. Nowadays, strenghten far-sighted partnerships with qualified and professional enterprises is essential for the businessman who wants to succeed.

Choosing Divanidea means believing in the matchless Italian quality, research and competence, aesthetic value and technological content. The trademark is spokesman of an elegant but contemporary design, neverthless the entire collection boasts competitive prices.

Divanidea Corner is an effective tailoring plan, a project of marketing strategy created in order to reinforce the role of sofas within furniture showrooms. On one hand, the company allows the single entrepreneur to expose in its showcase a wide and exclusive collection of padded furniture for a medium target, but on the other, the store manager can count on the value of high-level designer products.

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Corner Divanidea Spinea

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Corner Divanidea Perignano

The project

Every new idea is been conceived by the company to become a valuable project and a polyhedral product, which can meet all clients' needs.
The sartorial process which leads to the creation of a tailor-made sofa, starts from a professional and careful teamwork phase.

The Divanidea Corner formula provides a series of exclusive advatages:
1) 100% Made in Italy products.
2) Tailor-made solutions for personalized projects and contracts.
3) Costumer assistance and product warranty.
4) Trading of exclusive products, with related sales contracts.
5) Competitive pricing, both for leather and fabric sofas.
6) Assistance during sales and management.
7) National warranty and support for all Uniters products.
8) Qualified financial services.
9) Supply of fittings for the store.
10) Training of the personnel.
11) Supply of sales tools, promotional material and all kind of information.
12) A national promotional advertising plan.
13) Geo-localized online advertising pack for the store.
14) Management assistance.

Divanidea Corner is an innovative project conceived with attention to every detail, in order to give the retailer the whole required support.
Every product designed by Divanidea benefits from a 10-years warranty for structures and a 2-years guarantee for tapestry, coverings and mechanisms.