Relax Sofas

Relax sofas, exclusive design and innovative mechanisms

It is quite common to think that the word “relax” has got Anglo-Saxon origins. In reality, it has an ancient Latin etymological meaning: in the past, “relaxare” was a verb which meant “to lay down”, “to take a rest”. It is no coincidence that, nowadays, we use such term in order to define a physical and psychological state of rest, most of all after a period of stress and strain. Which is the piece of furniture directly linked to the moments of relax? If the bed is the space dedicated to the night rest, certainly the sofa can alleviate the psychophysical stress experienced during the whole day, once back home.


Comfortable, soft, enchanting, ergonomic: high-quality sofas are the warranty of the ideal comfort. Anyway, there is a certain type of sofa which can match perfectly with that kind of need, namely the relax one. Relax sofas can ensure the highest level of comfort in every position, thanks to special mechanisms of movement which allow the extention or lowering of seats, backrests and headrests. With a simple manual gesture, you can easily switch from the ordinary standing position, perfect for example when you are reading, to a more relaxing lying position. With a relax sofa you will have the opportunity to flip through a book, watch a movie and even sleep in the same place, just changing the conformation of backrests, headrests and seats. The latest generation of sofas with reclining parts is always tested and particularly safe, patented in order to ensure the functionality of the products through years. Durable and resistant structures and high-quality paddings are all elements that ensure high performances and the maximum comfort. Relax sofas have a meaningful significance for Divanidea, in fact the company dedicated a wide slice of catalogue to special models with mechanisms of movement. This type of sofa, both with double or triple seats, L-shaped, with a chaise longue, in leather or fabric, can match with every client’s needs and tastes, especially thanks to the functional reclining systems. What’s more, stability, reliability and quality are granted by the careful designing of ergonomic shapes, by the choice of precious materials and by the 100% Made in Italy handcrafted production. The company equip all relax sofas with sophisticated technological mechanisms of movement, which can transform every model of the collection into the perfect personal oasis of comfort. You will find two different types of mechanisms: the manual and the electric one. The first will let you move the footboard and the backrest by manually pushing a button near the armrest, while the latter have got one or more independent electric motors which can automatically change the conformation of the sofa for the best ergonomics. Some models, such as Arena, are available in both versions, while others, like Soho, are only available with the electric system. Soho, with two independent motors, is a relax sofa which can change its own configuration, moving headrests and seats. All mechanisms are covered by a 2-years warranty.