Relax Sofas Backrest


High, low, more or less tilted: the conformation of the backrest can be easily changed, according to your particular needs. Relax sofas with backrest movement give the possibility to move and regulate cushions thanks to manual or electric mechanisms, which can be activated with a simple gesture of the hand. Therefore, when the backrest is lengthened and tilted, the sofa changes its own shape and transforms into a comfortable island of pure relax. On the contrary, when the backrest is vertical, the sofa becomes the perfect space for reading, enjoying the own privacy or the convivial moments, always without straining the neck and back. Within the Divanidea collection of relax sofas, you will find a wide range of creative ideas, in order to furnish your living room with comfortable padded elements with backrest movement; Prado and Zoom are some examples of the elegance and refinement typical of the company.