Relax Sofas Manual


Divanidea decided to focus its great passion for padded and upholstered furniture and its long experience in the field, in the realization of a rich and interesting catalogue of manual relax sofas. These products have a special and unique feature: they hide a sophisticated and patented internal mechanism of movement, innovative and safe, which allow the manual regulation of backrests, seats and footrests, in order to ensure the best comfort end ergonomics for the body in every position. With a simple gesture of the hand, you will be able to change the entire shape of your sofa, from a more practical reading position into a more comfortable conformation. Pressing a button on the sofa, the mechanism starts changing the position of the various elements of the sofa. Several relax models, such as Kline and Patio, can be deeply personalized, both with regard to the aesthetic features and to the mechanisms of movement.