Relax Sofas Electric


Electric relax sofas are a special category of upholstered furniture, created in order to satisfy different and peculiar needs of comfort and ergonomics. In fact, their distinctive mark is the hidden mechanism of movement, which allows the regulation of the position, orientation and conformation of backrests, footrests, armrests and seats. This type of sofa can surely attain the attention of the most demanding customer: the perfect ergonomics for each part of the body, in every position, will be granted. The electrical system of movement, which have been studied carefully in order to be long lasting and safe, makes the transformation process easier and way more intuitive: you just have to press a button, placed near the armrests, to adjust the conformation of your sofa. Divanidea designed a rich and wide collection of relax sofas, created with the best ergonomic features: modern seats, detailed elements, precious coverings, comfortable paddings and resistant structures. The model Soho is the perfect example: it is a modern sofa with a contemporary design, equipped with two independent internal motors, which allow you to move and regulate the headrests and seats following your own needs, with the minimum effort.