Sleeper Sofas

High-quality sleeper sofas for a great comfort

Double, single, convertible and modular: each kind of sleeper sofa is the perfect space-saving solution, either for the living room or the bedroom. Sleeper sofas strategically furnish second homes or guest rooms, but they can also be placed as normal sofas in living rooms. In fact, their dual-function is barely perceivable when they are “closed” as ordinary lounge sofas. The latest generation of sleeper sofas shows increasingly higher levels of comfort, versatility and design, perfectly mixed in every single solution.

Convertible sleeper sofas can meet every type of need, either in a living room or in a bedroom. From the studio apartment to the guest room, each indoor space needs a compatible solution. During the choice of a sleeper sofa, pay attention to the level of comfort of the mattress and to the functionality of its convertible mechanisms; last but not least, you will evaluate the style and the aesthetic taste of the model. If you don’t have particular space issues, the ideal solution will be a DOUBLE SLEEPER SOFA, which measures up to 160x190/200 cm once “opened”. With regard to mattresses, you will find a wide range of solutions: the thickest one has a height of 18 cm and it is as comfortable as a normal bed. Other solutions, with reduced dimensions, are French beds (140 cm in width), queen-size beds (120 cm in width) or pouf-beds. Divanidea designed a rich collection of modern and classic models, in order to match with every client’s needs and tastes. Certainly, every solution has got strong and durable metallic structures, functional mechanisms of transformation and comfortable high-quality mattresses. What is more, each model, once “closed”, shows innovative and harmonious aesthetic attributes. In terms of customization, there are lots of possibilities: covers in leather or fabric and all kind of dimensions are available. For example, the sleeper sofa with armrests Wind may be required in the armchair or loveseat version (it is a single bed once “opened”) or in the dual or triple version, with mattresses of 120, 140 and 160 cm in width; obviously, you will find the fixed version too. Then, there is the elegant Aloa bed, which is perfect for a classic ambience, but also Diva and Amico, with an 18 cm thick mattress. Finally, you will find the innovative and exclusive catalogue of modern models, such as Queen, characterized by its essential lines and precious leather covering.