All Divanidea beds are available with a storage box.
The quality of a bed is defined by its peculiar features of comfortability, as it has to ensure both the best night rest and the proper diurnal relaxation. High-quality modern beds show contemporary and captivating aesthetics, thanks to their proportionate lines and glamorous tailor-made details, in addition to their exclusive features of comfort. Nowadays, padded and upholstered beds are increasingly sought after on the market: trendy headboard, footboard and bed-frame are solid and soft at the same time. The internal wooden or metallic structures of this kind of bed are entirely covered with expanded polyurethane or similar paddings, which are covered in turn with exclusive removable fabrics or precious natural leathers. Beds with storage boxes are fashionable too, in fact they are the perfect solution for who wants to strategically organize the domestic space. They hide a wide and functional box beneath the slat bedsprings, in which you can store clothes, linen, cushions, pillows and much more. The accessibility of the compartment is made possible by tested electric, automatic or gas-pistons mechanisms, which allow a rapid lifting of the mattress and bedsprings and the consequent opening of the storage box. Visually, beds with hidden boxes do not show any kind of difference if compared with traditional fixed beds, or at least they only have a higher bed-frame. Divanidea widened its collection of upholstered furniture for the living room, designing a limited but complete line of padded beds for the sleeping area too. Our padded beds meet all styles and tastes: Nuvola has an elegant and classic appeal, Dress is a sophisticated modern bed, while Matisse, with its peculiar quilted headboard, creates a chic mix between traditional and contemporary features. Apart from the style, each model is defined by its solidity, safety, comfortability and versatility, thanks to the great variety of dimensional possibilities and furnishing accessories provided by the brand. It is not coincidence that all Divanidea beds are available in the double, single or queen versions, as well as in the version with storage box or in the fixed one. The company studied two different types of mechanisms for the movement of the bedsprings of its beds. One mechanism, the most practical, is called box lift and allow the horizontal lifting of the bedsprings thanks to a double movement activated by the trapezoidal mechanisms with gas pistons. The other, called box version, makes the bedsprings move from the ordinary horizontal position to a diagonal lifted conformation. The first solution, which ensures an easy access to the storage box, is particularly handy: you will be able to organize your bed linen even in the standing position.