Loveseats and armchairs with Armrests

Armrests ensure the proper support for the body, especially for arms, and complete the overall design of the loveseat: they are essential elements of padded small chairs. Loveseats with armrests, which can be placed near a sofa or in a cosy corner of the room, give you the possibility to enjoy moments of pure relax, both during convivial events, delightful readings or daily naps. On the basis of the shape, height and depth of the armrest padding, the loveseats will appear more or less wide, cumbersome, enchanting and snug. Gipsy, the classic armchair, shows rounded and harmonic lines that gently uphold the body, while Giorgy, with its marked and regular shapes and geometrical armrests, becomes the ideal small chair for domestic spaces, offices and elegant waiting rooms too. Divanidea, with its wide showcase of loveseats with armrests, let you perfectly furnish every kind of interior context, meeting the most various needs for functionality and style.