Loveseats and armchairs without Armrests

Divanidea loveseats without armrests are informal, creative and modern. The absence of armrests makes them more versatile and functional, for this reason it is possible to seat down with the maximum ease and freedom of movement, pleasing the most various personal positions of relax. Refined design, young shapes, vivid colours and compact lines are all features that define the style of Divanidea small chairs, which are always available in the version with dynamic swivel base too, such as the model Sissi with quilted padding. These products can surely strike the customer who wants to deeply personalize its domestic spaces with exclusive tailor-made pieces of furniture. Another interesting example is the collection called King, an eclectic line of poufs different in size, shape and colour, all padded with small balls of expanded polystyrene. This kind of loveseat is the main spokesman of all the passion and care the company dedicates to the production of tailor-made products with customized sartorial details. In fact, contrasting stitches, quilted elements, exclusive textures and personalized accessories highlight the quality and value of all our armchairs.