Sofas with Low Backrest

Low back sofas are the most tangible examples of modernity and design, in fact, thanks to their trendy essential lines and shapes, they will enrich with style and functionality every kind of modern living room. Their peculiar longitudinal extension is highlighted by the horizontal lines of the low backrests, which acquire a great visual importance. The ideal conformation of a low back sofa is the one with almost three seats. In order to follow the longitudinal lines of the low backrest, also the armrests are reduced in height; in some cases, such as the model Moss by Divanidea, the armrests completely disappear, transforming the sofa into a modern freestanding island of relax, which can be easily placed even at the centre of the room. Another special model is Zoom, a low back sofa that have rectangular low armrests that come out the structure, catching the visual attention and creating an exclusive geometric effect. The development of design goes hand in hand with the research for the best comfort, through all Divanidea collection of sofas.