Sofas Classic

Elegant and sophisticated, charming and precious, soft and fluffy: classic sofas take part of the elitist category of furniture “d’antan”, evergreen solutions which can find their perfect collocation even in modern living rooms. They have some intrinsic features and, nowadays, have returned popular thanks to the interior designers’ concept of “new classic”: furnishing icons from the past are now interpreted with a modern approach. As things currently stand, on one hand classic goods are defined by traditional sinuous lines, while, on the other, they are as comfortable and ergonomic as the contemporary ones. The heat and elegance typical of the past, are now moving to modern domestic spaces, where traditional materials, treated following innovative and technological processes, meet lightened lines and volumes, for a balanced and comfortable ambience, free from every hint of excess. Classic furniture is a synonymous for “poor art”, but, on the other hand, it defines an extremely luxurious style, typical of the ancient period of Queen Victoria, Luis XVI and Baroque in general. Today, even if the majority of the “fashion victims” enjoys modern and minimal furniture, a conspicuous group of people still loves the refined and unmistakeable style of high-quality classic goods. Padded furniture, as always, play a fundamental role within the living room, being the main pillar of the furnishing plan. Classic sofas show harmonious and delicate shapes, generous paddings, rounded lines, precious materials and exclusive details: all these features highlight the value and elegance of the product. Despite that, sometimes it seems like the claim of a refined and aristocratic style sacrifices the aspects of comfort and functionality. Anyway, Divanidea solutions can definitely disprove this theory. The classic sofa Oliver, for example, hides a solid and non-deformable polyurethane padding behind its romantic and traditional covering: in order to meet the most various needs of relax and softness, the model has got soft armrests and backrests, padded in feathers. For the customer who doesn’t want to risk while choosing the style of the sofa, the company designed a rich collection of classic-modern models, which can perfectly be combined with vintage furniture or ultra-modern furnishing complements. Do you need an example? The model Heritage, with its generous volume, feminine shapes, wide modularity and removable covering, is the ideal compromise between the contemporary and the classic style. An interesting piece of advice, especially for who wants to furnish an elegant house with an impeccable classic style, is to pay particular attention to materials and textures, which have to be precious, resistant and certificated: tested and solid structures, high-quality paddings and selected coverings, such as exclusive fabrics and leathers in warm and sophisticated chromatic shades, will ensure the quality of the product. All these features will also define the resistance, beauty and style of the sofa over time.