Sofas in Polyurethane

With regard to Divanidea catalogue of paddings, a new innovative material became part of it: we are talking about the polyurethane, namely a non-deformable ecological material, breathable and hypoallergenic. Polyurethane slabs, created in technological laboratories, are lately shaped in order to perfectly cover sofas and armchairs structures and make them comfortable and soft. Divanidea only selects high-quality raw materials: most of its sofas are padded with non-deformable polyurethane foam with variable density. Positano, Prado, Moss, are some examples of polyurethane models. The density of the padding is carefully calibrated, in order to obtain ergonomic seats and backrests, in a perfect balance between support of the body and softness of the cushions. The diversification of the hardness of the padding is so important because of the fact that each part of the body needs a peculiar level of support. Seats must be resistant and compact, thereby will be used a hardest type of polyurethane, while backrest cushions can be a bit softer, padded with a lower density polyurethane slab.