Sofas Modern

Often, when you want to renew or furnish for the first time your contemporary living room, you start wondering how to create a modern atmosphere. The term “modern” has a defined meaning, which includes various concepts such as: rationality, essentiality, formal neatness and minimalism. In short, modern furniture must be in line with those factors. In a contemporary open-space, typical of modern houses, sofas and armchairs play a role of fundamental importance: they enrich the style of the ambience, while ensuring all the comfort everybody needs within their living room. Choosing a long, linear, candid sofa is the best decision when searching for the perfect modern furnishing element. In fact, a white leather solution, with its simple and minimal lines and balanced proportions, is generally considered as the main symbol of the modern style; Dexter, by Divanidea, is the model that better reflects this peculiar furnishing mood. A high-quality sofa made with exclusive materials, thanks to a long process which goes from the designing of the model to the mechanical and artisan production of the same, is the best warranty of comfort and essentiality. Modern sofas, with their rational and harmonic shapes, can create an elegant and impeccable atmosphere both in contemporary rooms and in classic ambiences: their features can perfectly meet the style of any type of furniture, thanks to their ability to spread an unconditional sense of relax and serenity. Well-defined geometry, absence of excessive creative details, delicate chromatic palette: modern sofas can easily interact with a wide range of contemporary pieces of furniture in the living room, but also with more classic complements “d’antan”, for a chic and personal aesthetic result. This category of sofas is a synonymous of total comfort too, in fact, unlike the more traditional models, they can have some hidden technological mechanisms of movement, electric or manual, which allow you to extend the seat or recline the backrest, transforming the linear conformation of the sofa thanks to reliable and safe innovative systems. Divanidea succeeded in specializing in the production of transformable models, such as Patio and Kline, designing modern sofas with patented manual or electric systems of movement, which can transform the fixed product into a modular and extremely comfortable solution. If the term “comfort” is one of the main keywords in this field, “versatility” and “functionality” will have a special significance too: a modern piece of padded furniture must have a removable covering, for a rapid and easy maintenance over time. The fabric coverings of our modern sofas are always completely removable, while leather ones, in general, are only partially removable. Fabric or leather, in both cases we ensure a rich choice of colours, patterns and textures for our sofas’ coverings, in order to give each client the possibility to customize every aspect of the selected model, with regard to dimensions, modularity and aesthetic features.