Sofas without Armrests

Sofas without armrests represent an evergreen must-have in the living room, thanks to their great versatility, functionality, aesthetic simplicity and customizable modularity, especially in terms of dimensions and volume. The latest trends in the field, highlight the importance of simple shapes and soft lines and the presence of particular freestanding elements, which are free to be moved within the living room; the sofa, for example, can be placed at the centre of the room, as a voluminous island of pure comfort and relax. The model Moss, namely a freestanding sofa which gives you the possibility to create various inventive furnishing compositions, is available in a wide range of spatial and chromatic variations. Casual and sectional, it can be completed with some peculiar elements such as: chaise longue, poufs and corner sections. Sofas without armrests, like Morbidone, can be personalized and customized with regard to every aspect, from dimensions to coverings.