Sofas with High Backrest

The high-back sofa can be in fabric, in capitonné leather, sectional, with two or more seats: beyond the shape and style, there are common features of relax, in fact this type of sofa is always extremely comfortable. Thanks to the consistent height of the backrests, the better support for the back of the body and head will be granted, both reading, watching Tv or simply relaxing. Within the Divanidea wide catalogue of sofas with high backrests, you will find a great heterogeneity of models, classic or modern, but always elegant and comfortable. What’s more, there are some models that provide a backrest adjustment mechanism, which allows you to raise or lower, manually or automatically, the backrests, according to your needs. The model Dexter is the perfect example of the exclusive versatility of Divanidea products. The best ergonomic support for the body will be granted by the precious feather or polyurethane paddings: let’s experience the true relax with the high-back sofas designed by the company.