Sofas in leather

The company selects only high-quality European bovine leathers: the climate, the farming standards and the free grazing ensure the value of a great product. The entrusted tanneries, which are internationally considered as some of the main companies in this field, with regard to historical experience and passion for the furniture sector, are situated in Arzignano.

All our sofas are available with the following types of leather coverings

Full-Grain Leathers
All our leathers have a natural origin, so they show some peculiar signs on their surfaces, which have to be considered as qualities, instead of blemishes. More delicate than the corrected leathers, the full-grain ones ensure permanent quality and value over time. Exclusive and trendy colours will be available for this kind of coverings, which are treated in order to be always soft and sleek, such as the Aniline leather.

Masai and Tuareg Leathers
Excellent with regard to its quality, the Masai leather shows a satin and antique surface, creating a very bright cloudy effect. The Tuareg leather, instead, is particularly appreciated for its natural marked grain.

Corrected Leathers
Corrected leathers, such as Florida or Rocky, are carefully treated with a porbeagle and then refined in order to create the identifying effect of printed grain, soft and uniformly coloured. These special treatments make this type of leather less delicate than the others, more impermeable and resistant. Coverings in corrected leather can be tailored in a wide choice of colours, textures and thicknesses. It is the perfect durable solution through years, ideal in particular if you have children or own pets.

Smooth Leathers without grain
Da Vinci and Venice are two types of smooth leathers without grain; soft and elegant, they are available in a rich selection of colours, from the most traditional to the most modern.

All leathers can be cleaned with water and mild soap (Marseille or laundry soap). It is necessary to create a warm water solution with melted soap, with which dampen a cloth and, thereafter, clean the padded pieces of furniture. When the dirt is persistent, can be used a rubber eraser.
Apart from these tricks, the Nabuk leather can be cleaned with a brush and hairdryer, in order to maintain its peculiar aspect.

1. Never clean the leather covering with alcoholic cleaners, because they ruin the surface of the material and make it sticky. The same thing happens when the leather comes into contact with perfumes, sweat or dense gels.
2. Never expose the padded piece of furniture to direct natural or artificial light, because the leather loses colour especially when it is full-grain or treated with aniline. This is a minor issue with regard to corrected leathers, because the coats of dye protect the natural surface of the material, increasing its resistance.

1. Leather is a natural material.
2. Leather is a traditional material.
3. Leather breathes: it absorbs moisture up to the 25% of the weight, releasing it later. The skin does not sweat when in contact with leather.
4. Leather counts on a peculiar ability in terms of thermic adaptation: it will have the same temperature of the air; leather coverings can adapt themselves to the temperature of who is sitting, without overheating the body.
5. Leather fibres are compact and resistant.

Leather must be sheltered from aggressive external factors, such as the body sweat, the hair sebum, the gel or hair spray, etc. If the covering is regularly cleaned and protected, you will enjoy your sofa without any kind of worry over time.
- Make sure your sofa has been placed at least 20 cm away from a heat source.
- Protect the covering from direct sun rays.
- Never clean your leather sofa with ordinary cleaners or chemical products which are suitable for other types of materials. An unsuitable solution may cause some significant damages, which lead to expensive repairing treatments.
- Avoid the use of silicon-based products: the sofa gets dirty quicker and the leather becomes very slippery.

Pets, such cats and dogs, can ruin your leather sofa. Leather is a particularly resistant material, but it can’t withstand damages caused by animals’ sharp claws. The same goes for their bites. Anyway, leather is a way more suitable material for pets, if compared with fabric.

When the maintenance processes comply with the following pieces of advice, the care of the leather sofa becomes easy and quick:
1. Dust once a week, at least
2. Clean with a wet cloth once a week
3. Use the Soft Cleaner (for more information, ask the retailer) every 4/6 months, at least
4. Use the Leather Protection Cream (for more information, ask the retailer) in order to soften and protect the covering of your sofa

- The use of shoe-care products
- The use of silicon-based solutions
- The use of oil or wax-based substances
- Letting dogs or cats crouch down on the sofa
- The use of corrosive chemical products, even near the sofa
- The misuse of cleaners and softeners
- Sitting down while heavily sweating
- Sitting down immediately after the application of body lotions, hand cream, hair spray or gel

The best kind of leather does not exist. The value of a certain type of covering is given by the peculiar needs of the single client who requires it. The best kind of leather for a grandfather can be the worst one for his grandson.

It is fundamental to answer the following questions, before choosing the proper type of leather:
- Have you got children? How many? How old are they?
- Do you own pets? Do they live indoor? What kind of animal do you own?
- How much time do you usually spend lying down on your sofa?
- Will your sofa be used in a particular context? (hotel, restaurant, office, …)
- Where will your sofa be placed?

First of all, answer these questions; then, let us suggest you the ideal type of leather on the basis of your needs. Within Divanidea showrooms you will find the best cleaning kits for leather coverings, but you will also have the possibility to choose a 5-years Kasko-warranty in order to receive a professional and reliable door-to-door assistance against all kind of accidental damages, for the entire economical value of the purchased sofa.