Sofas corner sofas

Divanidea corner sofas are “family-friendly” solutions. Their peculiar L-shaped conformation makes them extremely comfortable: they embrace the whole living room, while perfectly highlighting its functional and aesthetic features. Corner sofas, with their multiple seats, are the ideal choice for who wants to welcome guests and enjoy convivial events with them within the living room, but also for the customer who desires to spend intimate moments of pure relaxation, watching TV or reading a book.

But, how to furnish the living room with a corner sofa? Those sofas are suitable for large living rooms or open-spaces, in fact when they are placed at the centre of the room, they can separate and organize the different areas. Anyway, more compact models can be placed next to two perpendicular walls of the living room and perfectly furnish smaller spaces too. Corner sofas can be combined with some peculiar accessories, even in chromatic or stylistic contrast: a carpet will surely define the relax area, while a coffee table can be used as a supporting surface for magazines, in a corner of the room, or as a footrest, when it’s placed near the sofa. The proper luminaire for this type of display can be a floor lamp, dimmable or swivelling, which can meet the most various functional needs: a model inspired by the main iconic products of the 20th century will be the ideal choice.

Which are the features of Divanidea corner sofas? Within the Divanidea collection, you will find corner sofas defined by essential and lean lines, peculiar of a contemporary style, or more traditional and elegant models, characterized by significant volumes and classic details. A lot of possibilities, all different in shape and design, which share some special features, such as: 100% Italian production, tailor-made details, precious materials and an excellent price-performance ratio, despite the fact that they are all comfortable and functional. In particular, within the catalogue you will find: corner sofas with fabric or leather coverings, always removable in order to make maintenance treatments simple and effective and ensure a long-lasting value of the product. The company can always create personalized and tailor-made sofas, thanks to the great modularity of its products and the wide variety of dimensions, conformations and textures.

Thus, the main keywords with regard to Divanidea corner sofas can be comfort and customized design: products have been thought in order to meet the requests of an aware client, interested in the latest furnishing trends and in the achievement of the real wellbeing at home.