Sofas Design

Divani di Design

When we want to renew or furnish for the first time our living room, the main attention is focused on the sofa. In fact, sofas and armchairs are important pieces of furniture: they take up a consistent quantity of space and they have to be elegant and comfortable, both during convivial events or private moments of relaxation. People who want to furnish their living room in line with the highest standards of comfort and style, surely have to choose a modern and innovative sofa, which can aesthetically stand out thanks to its peculiar design. Modern sofas count on great personality and precious details, charming shapes and high-quality materials: they are designed with the maximum attention to every technical and aesthetic feature, processed with sophisticated machinery and, finally, refined by hand by skilled craftsmen. The perfect sofa is always in line with your personal needs of comfort and style, but it also has the task to enrich your home with great esthetical originality, strict minimalism and unquestionable elegance. What’s more, with the addition of some eclectic pillows, differentiated in colour and shape, the sofa acquires an exclusive personalized aspect. Within the Divanidea collection of padded furniture, exclusively made in Italy after decades of artisan tradition and technological innovation, you will surely find any sort of inspiration. Among the glamourous solutions designed by the brand, all different in conformation, materials and details, you will find lots of tailor-made and customizable solutions. If “design” is synonymous of formal rigour and impeccable elegance, the model City will be the ideal starting point for a perfect furnishing plan. Instead, if the strongest features of a design product are colours, patterns and modularity, the model Toys will be the ideal choice. Toys and City provide the evidence that the high-quality design can be expressed in multiple ways, on the basis of personal tastes, style and needs. Once chosen your ideal model, namely the one that can perfectly represent your peculiar sense of relax and beauty, will be fundamental to define the ratio between the dimension of the product and of the living room. If space is not a problem, lots of furnishing possibilities will be available: wide and charming solutions, with soft and generous shapes, such as big L-shaped sofas with corner elements or complex harmonic combinations of coordinated long sofas and armchairs. On the other hand, when the living room has restricted dimensions, the main target is to find the ideal double-triple sofa, modular and combined with small tailor-made elements. City Due, thanks to his great versatility and modularity, is the perfect example. In case you want to create a creative and innovative space, deeply customized and exclusive, you will have the possibility to choose a freestanding design sofa, such as Moss, which can be placed at the centre of the room as a comfortable island of pure relax and style, both during convivial events and moments of private relax.