Sofas in Feathers

Feather sofas are the maximum expression of softness. They are treated following the highest qualitative and hygienic standards, with a great attention to the provenance of the raw material, in order to create exclusive cushions with certified goose down paddings. Feather sofas are considered as the most precious pieces of padded furniture, perfect for who wants an extra-soft and fluffy seat, which can adapt to the shape and weight of every part of the body, both sitting or lying. In order to avoid the annoying “sinking effect” of the padding, typical of goose down, Divanidea has decided to fill with this precious material only a portion of the entire internal volume of the sofa. For example, the model Vision is filled with feathers only in its backrest: the goose down, in fact, can make the non-deformable polyurethane lower base softer and fluffier. The special mix of paddings ensure a great comfort while sitting or lying on the sofa, apart from avoiding the "sinking effect” over time.